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a powerful was it continues to battle them on parts of the north east, dumping record amounts of snow. places could see several feet before it is all over tomorrow afternoon. this unrelenting snow is causing some major concerns tonight. >> a widespread power outages and a major storm surge could make for a bumpy ride tonight. jay is in the thick of it all. he has the latest. >> it is a massive winter storm dropping a staggering amounts of snow. in some areas, accumulation could be 3 feet or more. some of the snow pushed by winds of up to 75 m.p.h. creating dangerous blizzard conditions. this has stopped most the new england in its tracks. 4700 flights canceled nationwide. the governor of massachusetts
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ordered all cars off the roadway starting at 4:00. a move that made sense after this 19 car pile up in maine scattered cars across the road and into ditches. >> please exercise caution and use common sense. >> this historic storm as a result of two converging systems colliding over the north east. horrible even for veteran her snow plow operators. >> last year we had a mild winter. very mild. i guess mother nature is making up for last year. >> mother nature delivering a powerful punch to a region still recovering from superstore asante which hit just over three months ago. the book conditions are going to continue through tomorrow afternoon. -- the brutal conditions are going to continue through tomorrow afternoon. >> no sell for us but plenty of travel plans have been disrupted. >> airlines have canceled
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thousands of flights. the storm has left air travellers stranded at burlington international airport in vermont where crews cleared this note from the airport tarmac. amtrak has suspended service from new york to boston. for more, let's go to tony. >> a close call for us. we are on the southern fringe of the monster storm. in boston, and 20 degrees right now. northeast went at 40. gusting over 50 miles per hour they have had thunder snow up there. maybe 3 feet four -- 3 feet. we will get some snow showers and flurries overnight. there could be minor accumulation in harford county and cecil county is the most of us will not see snow
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accumulations. winds will gust at 35 m.p.h. it will continue to be breezy ankle tomorrow but mostly dry on saturday. a close call for us. a little snow in the 7 day forecast. >> you can track the storm anywhere you are with our iphone and enjoyed app. -- and android app. go to >> a woman is found dead inside a burning home in northwest baltimore. police are calling her death suspicious. the flames broke out this afternoon in the 5700 block of -- >> police will not say what caused them to label the death suspicious nor are they releasing identification of the woman but neighbors say they did not know anyone was inside the home when this started to burn
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this afternoon. before 2:30 friday afternoon, firefighters arrived at this home in this home in the 3700 block of high gate drive. >> the right side of the house and the back of the house was on fire. >> the smoke was coming from the first floor of the house. firefighters went inside and a gruesome discovery. >> firefighters perform a search and rescue operations when they found and on conscious, non responsive woman in the basement. >> she was pronounced dead on the scene. neighbors say she only lived there for about five months. she kept to herself but was family enough. >> she would always wave and say hello. she was a very nice lady. >> homicide detectives got to the scene friday evening. police say the death is suspicious will not release more details until the results of an autopsy. neighbors are shocked and saddened by the loss.
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>> it is a tragedy. that is my reaction to it. i am sorry. >> this is a shame. >> fire officials are investigating to determine what started the fire. >> annapolis mother faces murder tartars in the death of a to- year-old daughter. chelsea booth admitted to police she smothered her daughter 'got the daughters of a place, in her mind, a curse on her and her daughter was possessed by evil spirits. she put the body in a dumpster. police found the body in a rail car. booth being held without bail. >> baltimore county teenager accused of opening fire at perry hall high school will be charged as an adult. robert gladden jr. was in court
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today. >> new details about the case. prosecutors offered robert gladden jr. a plea deal but he did not take it. he said he was sorry about the shooting. >> he tell the baltimore county court friday that taking a shot a gun to school and shooting one of his classmates was the dumbest decision he is ever made. the shooting took place on the first day of class is at perry hall high school in the cafeteria. in a special needs student was shot in the back. robert gladden jr. is charged as an adult but his defense team argued a case should be moved to the do not court system. he claimed he was trying to kill himself on a day of the shooting and that if he went to prison, it would be like a death sentence. he told the judge you are the only person i can give me that
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chance. they argued his actions were egregious. calling what happened a nightmare for all who were subjected to what he did. the defense attorney said robert gladden jr. was trying to commit suicide and came up with a plan to take others with him. the judge ruled that robert gladden jr. will stand trial. as. he cited one of the teen's statements when he said he did not care if the victim lived or died. there was no evidence he was bullied and he is concerned about robert gladden jr.'s lack of remorse. the judge also learned that the teenager sent a letter to manson and had in the session about -- had an admiration for hitler. >> swat teams continue to search
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a mountain area for a fired lapd officer suspected of killing three people. investigators say they are calling big bear lake -- they are searching big bear lake for christopher dorner. officials say he was fired in 2008. he is believed to have multiple weapons, including an assault rifle, and has threatened to target more people. >> the obama administration detailed examples of what it -- what it painful impact scuttled pay cuts would have. hundreds of federal workers will be laid off. 70,000 children will be kicked off head start. and national security would be put. at put the president has called for -- and national security would be put at risk. so far, republicans have,no. >> at some point, in washington
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has to deal with its spending problem. >> at issue are $1.20 trillion of additional spending cuts over the next 10 years, including $85 billion this year. analysts expect the initial -- the issue will come up at the president's state of the union tuesday night. >> hillary clinton may not have a job but she is still pretty popular. a university police found the just departed secretary of state is the most popular national political figure among and number of luminaries. she is rated as 61% -- at 61%. the group included president obama, joe biden, marco rubio and john kerry. >> as many as half a dozen baltimore city charter schools may be forced to close sooner rather than later.
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the school board is expected to make its final decision tuesday. that's when the district would officially canceled the contract of schools like the baltimore freedom academy. students lobbied state lawmakers. >> the school has helped me out a lot. it-change to meet. made my parents more proud of me. it means that i can walk up to my parents and let them know i am doing something good with my life. >> an advisory panel recommended the changes. the review was based on still -- on school climate, academic performance and financial management. next, a win win for baltimore? >> fine dining at a tasty festival. celebrating bacon.
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>> we do have a chance in the 7 day forecast. 35 of the airport.
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still ravens are suffering from the superbowl. lawmakers are talking about
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making the raven an official state bird. elementary school students convinced him to introduce the bill. if it were to pass, the ravens would have to share the honor with the oral. -- with the oriole. tourism officials are hoping the rest of the world will think baltimore is a winner too. >> the ravens super bowl win is now part of the national sales pitch for baltimore city's convention business. >> after taking a half page at out in usa today friday, tourism officials made the rounds, calling the victory a financial touchdown baltimore. >> it gave us a reach we never have before an audience and
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never have before. >> 165 are hearing some more, baltimore. now baltimore is seen as a winner again. >> bookings are already 10% higher than the national average. hospitality forecast looks so good they are bracing for an influx of tourists and job opportunities. developing a plan for visitors in case of an emergency and creating a job training academy. >> have to make sure those folks are trying so we have a savvy staff. >> tourism officials are also using superbowl buzz in their lobbying efforts for a bill to help the convention center operating costs for the next decade. because of a win-win. >> -- he calls it a win win. >> many cite zero jaber against
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-- many site oj brigance, a former raven. he was honored with a competitive service award. he was died as with als in 2007. since then, -- he was diagnosed with als in 2007. >> i have been given the opportunity to do my life's greatest work because i have chosen to fight and impact my circle of influence for god's greater good is by my circumstances. >> a festival in iowa is highlighting reasons why its sizzling breakfast table -- breakfast staple is awesome.
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the bacon festival started off as a quirky side show. big draw the year -- baking cookies. you can find creations like burgers featuring brown sugar and pork belly bacon. that is amazing. there is also a bacon queen. the tickets sold out in three minutes. a reporter in providence rhode island, but this man. the bike rider says he does not have a car so he has to make you any way he can. >> now your 11 insta weather plus forecast. >> there is nobody riding a bike there now. that was before the snow started
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up their. this is a beautiful thing to look at. an impressive storm on the radar. rainfall rates in new york and boston, anywhere from 2-3 i nches an hour. incredible storm system. this plots the winds and wind speeds. if you look at the legend, carter proposal and wind gusts of 50-60 mph. 39 at the eastern tip of long island. you have winds going 50, 60 mph. you cannot see anything at all. that is a legitimate blizzard. winter storm warnings inland. storm ranging from 15 inches in new york to just over 2 feet
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around boston. you notice it will probably will2-3 inches in philadelphia as well. -- will probably get 2-3 inches in philadelphia as well. might see some dusting on the ground in the north harford county. the bigger story is the wind. the winds will gust over 40 mph tonight. a 43 mph gust just hit the airport. wind the advisories in effect until 6:00 in the morning saturday. 41 in tawnytown. 35 . of the 35 starting into the 20's to tomorrow. a chance for light snow showers or flurries. most of that will be in harford
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county and cecil county. a mix of sun and clouds going into the afternoon. high temperatures, mid -upper 30's. sunday looks like a nice day. sunshine. rain on monday. warm enough for rain showers to start the work week. another storm possible next week. is to clear up on thursday and friday. >> -- it should clear up on thursday and friday. >> denied jay leno and jimmy fallon give us what to expect -- tonight's jay leno and jimmy fallon give us what to expect. >> seth macfarlane and jenna elfman from 1600 penn. music from nora jones. >> jason schwartman is my
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guest and kerri russell. >> friday, february 8. the jackpot is estimated at $11. let's see if we can make a millionaire. 20, 39, 15, 50, 6.
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mega ball -- 5. if no, one matches no tuesday to be $30
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the average 95 in the playoff games this year -- will the ravens pay the wide receiver $6 million? we do not know. but if the ravens cut him, he says he will retire. numerous reports say les miles will hire cameron to be his offensive coordinator. [indiscernible] good news.
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always suffered a mild knee sprain -- only suffered a mild knee sprain. he established himself as a dominant force on the ravens defense. playing host to cnn tonight -- to sienna. goes the other way. sienna hung awhile. [indiscernible] bobby ocean. alleyoop. loyola wins 63-51. winston salem. .th ranked maryland visiting
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a steal. the acc player of the eyar taking care of the rest -- of the year taking care of the rest. chelsea douglas. could trigger. -- quick trigger. sienna hawkins for 3. terps won their 9thin a row. next up, 5th ranked duke. curtis hill going base line for the gentleman's dunk. has his back. nice follow in the finish.
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on the break. look at the crazy hang and the finisterre. 58-51. lacrosse team from albany. johns hopkins looking every bit like a fifth ranked team in the country. [indiscernible] he had a hat trick. 9-4, johns hopkins. they roll past sienna, 15-6. joe saunders was one of the markell stories -- was one of the remarkable stories of the
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2012 orioles season. \ he agrees to a one-year contract that could be worth $7.5 million with the seattle mariners. the orioles resurgence, the ribbon superbowl. pretty good time -- the ravens super bowl. a pretty good time for baltimor.
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>> [laughter] does that mean it was a close call? hd snow showers out there tonight. some of you might get some snow in harford county and cecil county. 37 tomorrow. winds will gust over 40 tonight. we could get some snow next week. wednesday would be the day. >> that is all for 11 days tonight. [captioning made possible by constellation energy g)w
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- host of this year's academy awards, seth macfarlane,

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